Customizing the MySites masterpage in SharePoint 2010

I recently had the task of branding our SharePoint 2010. I just needed to change the main theme colors. I made a custom SharePoint 2010 theme (a good description of the SharePoint 2010 theming engine is here), and that did it for the main masterpage.

A problem came up thought with the MySites masterpage. It has an additional div area under the navigation pane.

MySites navigation area
MySites navigation area

Unfortunately theming this additional area is not supported in the SharePoint 2010 theme engine. I don’t really understand why. It is a basic theming matter, that should have been taken into account by the SharePoint team. But as with many others aspects of SharePoint, it is, what it is.

I finally resolved this by changing the style of the div section. To change it’s color for example you need to embed this code in the masterpage code.

<style type='text/css'> {
        background-color: rgb(174, 3, 3)

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