Amazon Kindle dictionaries rant

Today I wanted to get out a little rant about Amazon Kindle dictionaries. I also wanted to say hi, to my regular readers (hi mom). Just kidding. Even my mom doesn’t read this blog.

When I first heard about e-book readers, I was stunned. This was the kind of product, that I always wanted. I love to read, but books have always been expensive in Poland, and the titles that I wanted to read seemed always not available in my native land.

The second thing is language learning. I am a big fan of diving in the language as soon as possible, and getting to real world content. For me the “My name is John. How do you do” type of learning material is boring. So when I’ve learned, that the Kindle had a real time dictionary function, I didn’t think much and ordered the than newest 3 generation Kindle.

Than came my biggest disappointment. Yeah, the English dictionary that comes with the Kindle is great, but all of the others dictionaries sucked. The German-English dictionary didn’t recognize conjugated verbs, witch made it a pretty useless in my point of view to anyone. The French-English dictionary the same. I thought, ok, maybe it’s a really big effort to make such a dictionary, and Amazon simply doesn’t have the resources (naive, I know). Then I found this:

The dictionary was prepared by Robert Kopias for I tried it out, and was amazed how good it was. It’s not perfect, but compared to what is available in the Kindle store it’s amazing.

At first I thought, that maybe It’s just a matter of time, before this market gets developed, but I’ve been waiting already for 2 years, and the landscape hasn’t really changed much. Come on Amazon, move your fat corporate butt!!!!

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